Since the Inception of our services, we at Bakshi Transport have prided in offering safe transportation services to our clients at the most reasonable rates. In the light of the current Corona Virus pandemic affecting millions of people around the world, we have taken yet another step to provide safer transportation solutions by introducing fully sanitized buses for our customers.

To tackle this critical task, We have also hired especially trained personnel in our ranks to take care of sanitization of vehicles at our facilities. The sanitization staff at our facilities is well equipped with proper face masks and protective body suits to minimize risk of infection and consequent endangerment to their lives. The sanitization process involves carrying out sanitization of a vehicle every time it is due to be sent on its next service run. We  have also put provisions in place to undertake constant supervision of this process to ensure that no shortcuts are taken for the sake of saving time for the next service delivery.

In these tough times, we as a business entity feel strongly about our sense of duty to contribute towards tackling this crisis in the most effective way. By offering sanitized bus service, we want to make sure that everybody who has a travel requirement can feel completely safe and protected while availing our transportation services.

So feel free to contact us for your travel needs anytime in the future. We can supply sanitized buses for Corporate travel; for personal travel and sanitized buses for school travel as well, which will give worrying parents the required piece of mind about the safety of their children. And in doing so, we will always be on our toes to ensure that you and your loved ones can have a safe and sound journey to the desired destination.