Bakshi Transport

Sanitized Bus Rental


We at Bakshi Transport have taken tremendous pride in providing our customers with safe transportation services at the most affordable prices ever since we first started providing our services. We have introduced fully sterilized buses for our customers as an additional step in providing safer transit options, especially in light of the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic that is affecting millions of people worldwide.

We have also added specially qualified staff to our ranks to handle the sanitization of cars at our facilities in order to undertake this important work. Our facilities’ sanitization crew is well-prepared with appropriate face masks and protective body suits to reduce the possibility of infection and the ensuing risk to their life. Sanitizing a car is part of the process that needs to be done each time it is scheduled for its next service run. In order to make sure that no shortcuts are taken in order to save time for the next service delivery, we have also made arrangements for ongoing process supervision.

As a business, we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to help address the situation in the most efficient manner possible during these trying times. Our goal in providing sanitized bus service is to ensure that everyone who needs transportation feels totally safe and secure when using our services.

So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any future travel needs. In order to provide worried parents with the necessary peace of mind regarding their children’s safety, we may provide sterilized buses for corporate, personal, and school travel. And in the process, we’ll constantly be alert to make sure you and your loved ones can travel to your destination safely.

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