Bakshi Transport

Electric Bus Operator In Delhi-NCR


You can get in contact with Bakshi Transport Company if you’re searching for an environmentally friendly transport solution for your upcoming trip. In the entire national capital territory, we are one of the very few electric bus operators in Delhi-NCR to provide our customers with this smoke-free travel option. We offer you a variety of options in terms of seating capacity, including coaches, tempo travelers, and electric-operated buses.

Hiring one of our well-maintained electric cars will show that you care about the environment and promote health consciousness while enabling passengers to travel in a pollution-free atmosphere. All of our electric cars emit zero pollution, making them a greener and cleaner alternative. Additionally, Bakshi Transport’s round-the-clock back-end support services will guarantee that your trip in one of our electric cars will be seamless and comfortable everywhere, in addition to being cleaner and greener.

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