Bus transportation has been a primary wheel in India’s travel business revolution!

Each day, thousands of commuters and tourists use buses to succeed in their destinations well. until a couple of decade and a half agone, the buses in Bharat were at their crudest best. They were primarily a by-product of trucks and were engineered on truck chassis. Bus makers wont to obtain truck chassis from Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland and would build a body on prime of it! the sole mark of differentiation between town buses, long-haul buses and luxury buses were the lounger seats, an excellent paint job and a video player fitted within the cabin. There was completely nothing else that was modified within the 3 totally different ‘classes’ and also the fares were extortionately high for the luxurious category.

However, very little did anyone understand that there was a replacement wave of buses waiting to crash on the Indian shores! The Swedish Volvo buses created their debut in 1998 once Delhi Transport Corporation won the tender for providing low-floor buses for town commuters. To a median Indian, the low-floor buses were associate degree initial attraction. Akash Passey, who headed Volvo India previously, recollected however the Volvo stall throughout the 1998 Delhi automobile collection would stay ever packed by Delhiites hoping to induce a glimpse of the new buses that might shortly hit their roads. very little did anyone anticipate that this is able to be the new starting for bus travel in India.

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