Providing a bus for schools is very easy .But to become a best school bus operator world wide in this competitive world is a difficult task. Apart providing a bus, it is necessary to maintain it and offers best services to the passengers .Here are some responsibilities mentioned below of the school bus operator:

1. Driver will properly licensed and RMS authorized for public passenger motor vehicles.

2. Give a set of procedures related to operational practices.According to NSW for drivers to manage school student behaviour on buses

3. Proper handling and communication with students, parents / guardians. Follow the procedural principles in every situation.

4. Parents/ Guardians should have some rights like.

a) To insuring that bus driver is adequately facilitating safe travel.

b) When carrying a student with a disability or any other special case specially.

5. School bus operator in Delhi ,Provide their drivers training for managing school student behaviour

a)Managing behaviour of student and group of students.

b) Driver should know the school policies and company polices when the student breach the code of conduct.

c)Most Noteworthy,Driver should should have right to take appropriate decision.

d) Action according to the situation in the controlling code of conduct in school bus.

6. School bus operator should take accurate reports from students for betterment of the school and bus environment.

7. If, some case happens, it is the responsibility of the school to take all inputs from students and drivers before taking any decision on the situation.

a) React according to the valuable inputs.

b) Give Verbal warning to the culprit for small issue.

c) Furthermore,If further same situation occurs in future then give a written warning to the culprit.

d) Consequently,If required determine whether a student behaviour is serious to refuse the student travel in bus to maintain the bus environment and safe travel of other students.

8. Above all,Maintain proper database of the students attendance and all breakage of code of conduct.

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