Summers are the time in India when all families plan a local or interstate trip. Kids get the holidays to enjoy and parent double their joy and happiness by taking them on a trip. In fact, several schools, colleges or institutes also plan a summer trip for their students. Moreover, office colleagues are always ready for a local or outstation trip in India.

What is the first thing to prepare for a trip?

Well, tour or travel by road is largely popular during summers. Hence, when you are planning a group travel, first thing you arrange is Luxury tourist bus or tempo traveller, etc. However, the bus or vehicle you choose from a Transport company in Delhi or elsewhere must be quite efficient and professional in terms of quality tour and travel services.

How crucial is to choose a trusted Bus operator?

Well, it is wise to hire a bus or vehicle from a trusted, efficient and well reputed bus operator or transport company. There can be any situation you might face during your trip, when you need a support and cooperation from bus staff. If the transport company is trusted and genuine, it will support you in any situation you may come across during the trip.

There are incidents when the bus drivers or helpers, flee from the bus when it gets any fault and leave the passengers embarrassed and helpless midway. Well, you don’t want face any such situation right?

Bakshi Transport Company- a trusted provider of luxury buses and Tempo travellers

With the experience of over five decades in transport service, Bakshi Transport ranks among the Top 10 Tourist Bus Operators in Delhi. It provides well maintained luxury buses on hire with mannered and trained staff. So, if you are also planning a group tour or travel this summer, give a call to Bakshi Transport to book your vehicle or visit its website to explore and choose the best bus option for your trip.