Refinitiv Information Program. Develop client-centric specialist solutions, and energy differentiated individual portal encounters.

Providing usage of a variety of statistics and international marketplace information in affect to drive their workflow-critical applications.

  1. Overview
  2. Exactly Why Refinitiv?
  3. How we might help
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  5. Facts control
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  7. Analytics

Re-imagine their way of data

Utilize a degree of information plans unrivaled anywhere else with a single, consistent knowledge, and power your own programs for a lowered time-to-market.

Whether it’s third-party, public, trade, or our proprietary articles, the Refinitiv information Platform offers a new method of analytics, technology development, information submission, and cost administration.

Accessibility many real time, reference, end-of-day, opportunity collection, and renewable facts in affect to run their assessment and deploy the workflow-critical solutions.

The Refinitiv Information Program: secret takeaways

Control our realtime, occasions collection, and guide data, along with organization, fund, belief and reports information, to bolster your workflow goals.

Manage more with enriched data, built on a frequent data model with consistent symbology and marking for clear-cut information on-boarding and integration.

Explore our facts collection, try out the API, accessibility content trials, and build with Cloud-based Jupyter notebooks within API playground.

Integrate our data with flexible, cloud-enabled solutions and accessibility activities, including managed provider, query-ready dining tables, mass records or API telephone calls.

Take advantage of cloud system, lessen as a whole dependence on legacy architectures, influence flexible compute, and make it easy for faster implementation of workflows and software.

Improve their workflow with trusted analytics pre-configured with pricing, markets and reference facts, with extensive resource course plans.

How exactly we enables

Running your company requires

Money administration


Electricity investments and threat systems and develop brand-new trading and expense designs with real time data and cross-asset statistics.

Quant study

Build quant types for portfolio building and mine brand new facts for leader generation leverage query-ready material.

Regulatory revealing

Guarantee pre-trade and post-trade transparency meet up with regulatory requirements and revealing guidelines pertaining to greatest performance.

Facts control

Modernize information administration, influence cloud system and technology to run enterprise business wants.


Rapidly see, experiment, consider, incorporate and build emerging engineering, like A.I. and equipment reading programs.

A brand new data knowledge

Redefine the manner in which you discover, evaluate, examination, and create with Refinitiv and gay fetlife 3rd party data.

Data administration and enrichment

Optimize the worth of facts with intelligent information marking and aggregation capabilities.

Creating out a business data lake with a regular data unit and strong facts high quality is important to enhance the worth of important computer data.

The Refinitiv facts Platform brings together and connects a massive number of information means, making it simpler to see affairs and do analyses with the help of our natural code operating engine and smart marking possibilities.

Lower the budget and costs associated with data wrangling, using a common data design, symbology mapping equipment, and our detailed safety identifiers running on all of our open identifier, PermID.

Cloud-enabled computing and size

Decreased total price of ownership, better time and energy to market, and power Cloud technologies to generate statistics and knowledge.

Flexibility from affect service providers: Whichever provider you’re with – like Amazon Web service, Microsoft Azure and Bing affect – our API brings the information.

Entry to considerably material: 100m+ tool, like unique material sets – 2 times compared to the closest opponent, with better geographical insurance coverage, from significantly more than 500 locations dating back to to 1996.

Backwards compatibility: heritage APIs is supported inside cloud.

Reduced total price of possession: With no system implemented on site, plus minimal setting up and create expected to accessibility facts from inside the cloud, prevent large leased-line expenses and improve your own deployment.

A majority of general public cloud work were providing much better than forecast outcomes for instant price decreases – Origin: Refinitiv people Cloud financial Barometer report.